I am a practitioner, risk-taker, and perfectionist. My previous experience of being a fine artist taught me how to express myself with brushes. My painting style is mainly realistic and partly expressionist, focusing on the expressiveness of the human body and natural objects. Now my new role as a designer allows me to be logical and critical about my surroundings.

My design attempts to blur the boundary between traditional art and emerging technology. In the age of digital communication, people are consumed by the fast pace of life. The flood of technology is weakening the connection with the traditions. I want to create a dialog between the past and present in the realm of visual design and bring classical aesthetics and spirit into the digital world.

I am currently interested in game and entertainment experiences, educational and social justice programs. I am currently working with creative coding, physical computing, 3D animation, and generative arts to engage in the topics. My works are the analog of drawings with codes and data that integrates painting aesthetics. The interactions between the human body, physical interfaces, and virtual spaces always attract me the most.